Monday, August 4, 2008

David leaves :(

On Friday morning David and I got up early to catch the earliest bus again (6:12) to the train station so he could take the shuttle to the Melbourne airport. I was going to take it with him, but we both figured that I would just have to say goodbye right after we got there and we'd probably just sleep on the bus anyway, so it was worth saving $35. So, I said goodbye to David for the 2nd time that morning. :( I started walking back to the bus stop but decided that I wanted to walk down by the bay and watch the sun rise, I got some really nice pictures, and it was really relaxing, just what I needed. Later that day I found that the post man had come while I was in the shower and so now I had to go by the post office and pick up my package that Dad sent me. It was quite windy and rainy out, and this was actually the first time I had ridden my bike since I'd moved into this house (funny cause I used to ride it everywhere before, I just don't need to know that I'm so close to campus). I noticed that the right pedal was loose, that was annoying, and I am out of shape. The post office luckily isn't far away, but I found (as I thought might happen) that the box wouldn't fit in my bag, so we opened it and then I could fit it all. :) The older woman and man at the post office were very nice and helpful, they took all of the packing peanuts for me. :) On the way home my right pedal came clear off, which made it much more difficult to pedal, but I made it. :) Luckily the last leg is downhill. Anyway, Dad sent me my three text books I ordered online, and some s'more ingredients! I also got an early birthday present, Janel made me a blue, duck-print pillowcase! I love it! Dad also sent along a bunch of clippings and letters in Norwegian that they found in Grandma's house as well as Grandma's diary from her trip to Norway in the 50's! I am going to try and translate it all, it'll be easy for the songs and clippings that are typed, but the letters and diary will be hard cause I'm not that good at reading cursive. Also, some of it is older Norwegian, I can usually make it out on typed stuff, but it'll be hard on the hand written stuff! Anyway, back to Friday, I spent the rest of that day and saturday catching up on classes and I worked on Sunday and then studied some more. I have been doing nothing but studying and watching Bleach on Youtube ever since really. Don't worry, mostly studying... I think. ;P I have a good 20 hours of work this week, so that's good, work from 9:30 am- 9:30 pm on Friday! Wow. On Saturday Anita's having a Muffin Break Staff party at her house, that should be fun. I am going to bring the S'more ingredients that Dad sent and hopefully (if I can find all of the ingredients here) make some of Janel's famous scotcheroos (peanut butter rice crispy treats with chocholate on top). Did you know that over here they call them Rice Bubbles? :P

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