Sunday, August 10, 2008

Muffin Break staff party

On Thursday night I made Janel's Scotch-a-roo recipe. I am really happy it turned out cause I had to use honey instead of corn syrup (they have it here but we just couldn't find any at Safeway). My housemates absolutely loved them and they look forward to me making another batch just for the house. :P Anyway, after work on Friday I stuck around with Sue and Allie (my bosses) and went home with them while they got changed and got some party platers ready, then we all went to the staff party at Anita's house. As far as who I work with, most people are high school age, or my age; there are 3 older (and by that I mean just older than me) women, 2 probably in their 30's and one maybe in her 40's. One of them is a baker. :) Anyway, we hung out outside on the covered patio where there was a heater and chatted for a while whilst munching on party food. :) The Scotch-a-roos were a huge hit! Sue bought her and I drinks, so I had a few bitch beers. ;P Later we all went into the music room, in which there is a fireplace, and made s'mores (which I brought the ingredients that Dad sent me), they were also a huge hit, although not everyone tried some. I played around on the didgeridoo and Anita played the piano a bit. We talked more and messed around, during which time people slowly trickled out. Later we put on the Greese record and sang along to that for a bit. ;P After that we decided to go out on the town. AJ, Sue, Allie, Anita and I all went out to a bar called Mr. Hyde, they were playing Sin City on the wall (which you could only see cause the music was on) and I had a rum and coke. We sat there for a bit then went to another place I forget the name to, but they were playing the olympics on the wall there, the US won again Japan in volley ball (I think at least, I guess I didn't see the end, but they were up quite a bit when we left ;P). Sue and Allie met a few of their good friends there (a couple), we then all left together when they were about to close, so just before 2:00 AM. Then we went and stood in line at Club4Play. The bouncer wouldn't let Sue and Allie's friend's in cause they were "too drunk" and Allie didn't have his ID on him (don't know why), and Sue leaned over to kiss her friend on the cheek to say goodbye, and she thinks that's why the bouncer wouldn't let her in (cause maybe he thought she was with them and since they were drunk she was too). Anyway, since they wouldn't let her in we all left. They thought later that it might have been an age thing too, but we're not sure (they're in their 30's so not that old). We then went to Lambie's (it's a pub underneath the wool museum, I love that! ;P Anyway, we got in there (Allie had gone and got his ID out of the car) and we went inside and danced the night away until they closed. We headed home (I was staying the night at Anita's) at around 3:15ish. I slept in Anita's brother's room, which I realize sounds kind of funny, but he, for some reason, sleeps in the den. :) The bed was SOOO comfortable!! I got up at 9:15 that morning to shower and get ready for work. I got all packed up and had some toast and chatted with Anita's dad for a bit, then Anita came down stairs (she didn't have to work until 1:00 but got up anyway, how nice ;P). I talked with her and her mom while munching on some of the left over crackers and things before they drove me to work. Anita's mom insisted I take some food with me, which I didn't mind, cause there was heaps! I left some s'more ingredients with them as well as some of the left-over scotch-a-roos. Haha, Sue and Allie had also brought over a bunch of muffins, and needless to say none of them got eaten, which we all knew would happen. ;P We're all a bit muffined out. :) All in all, it was a good night. :) I really like Anita and her family, they're all so nice!

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