Friday, October 3, 2008

update #1

I don't know if I'll be able to fit all of this update into one readable post, but we'll see; I'll try to make it relatively short. :) Siddhant had his (late) birthday feast on Thursday and so we all went and had Indian food (I of course had too much cause it was so yummy) and then went to a club for a while.

A guy offered to buy me a drink. ;P I took it cause hey, it was a free drink (don't worry, I was careful). ;P I told David about it, I thought it was funny. :) Anyway, we got back at about 3 AM and I was going down to the waterfront at 6:00 cause Muffin Break was down there giving away free muffins and coffee cause of the footy again. This time it was a big shindig, the Today show (based in Syndey... the equivalent of our Today show in NY) was there. I got to be on TV again, but just in a crowd. Anyway, so I just stayed awake until I had to take the bus down there. I didn't have to go, but I figured it was a once in a lifetime thing. I was completely buggered! I got a picture with Richard something... he's on the Today show in LA and is on the Aussie version of Home Makover (Domestic Blitz)... he's American and probably very gay. :) Anyway, here's the pic of me and him, maybe someone will recognize him, although I never heard of him till I came here. :)

I only spent about an hour there then went home and slept until 2:00, worked out then went to work at 5:30. On Wednesday we got our uniforms for swimming (the social jacket anyway), but we didn't get all of our stuff yet, it was late coming in. I ended up not going to the opening ceremony cause I got sick and decided it better to stay home as I hadn't been getting much sleep lately and that's most likely the reason I got sick. Belinda didn't go either and I'm not sure about the other two swimmers. I went into Melbourne on Monday though and had a practice session with them, so that was good, I learned a few pointers on how to do the strokes that I didn't know. I knew I was going to be total crap, but was willing to deal with that. :) Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we swam, on the first day I finished last in one race, was disqualified for taking too long in another and didn't finish the 200 free because by the time I was at the one end on the third lap everyone else had finished so just decided to get out than make everyone wait for me. That gave me a feeling for what I could and couldn't do, which I really had no idea about before, so over the next two days I scratched two events, the 400 free and 800 free... definitely couldn't do those!!! On Wednesday and Thursday I walked over to where the ultimate Frisbee players were playing in Albert Park (just about 10 min walk from the Aquatic Centre where I was swimming). They are all really cool people! I almost felt more like part of their team than my swim team (that's mostly because I can relate to them more, they actually play as a team whereas swimming is individual, and they were larger ;P). On Thursday I wore their homemade mascot uniform to cheer them on, they are the Deakin Cheese Graters, so they had a big cardboard cheese grater for a mascot. :P I think they were the only team with a mascot. ;P

To be continued...

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