Saturday, October 4, 2008

update #2

On Thursday night I went out to the Rock n' Roll themed party with my swimming team, I had to leave my bag at the apartment that they were renting (just until Sat morning) so that meant that I had to spend the night there, which was more convenient anyway (the last bus is at 12:05 AM on weekdays). It was ok, fun enough. :) I only got one drink cause it was fricking $8.50!!! I can't justify paying $7 for a return ticket to Melbourne from Geelong and $8.50 for a drink! Anyway, a Monash Uni swimmer tried to kiss me, that was interesting. We were all pretty stuffed so went home at around 1:00, but the other girl swimmers came trickling back to the apartment between 1 and 3, so didn't get to sleep until around 3 AM. It was really funny though, one of the guy swimmers came in and I introduced myself and he said "NO WAY, THEE CASSIE IS IN OUR APARTMENT?? No offense but didn't you come in last in every event? It's funny that you're like the worst swimmer and Belinda is like the best and you're best friends." (we're just friends ;P). I thought it was so funny, I really didn't mind. :P I knew I was going to be crap because I hadn't been on swim team for 8 years and only got to practice for like a month, and even then only now and then. I actually didn't learn much good technique until the day before we raced from Bel and Shane (team members). I just thought it was hilarious that I was famous for being the slowest swimmer. ;P I am kind of proud of that in a strange way. ;P Anyway, we, for some reason, all started waking up at 8 AM, so I showered and got ready then left them and took the tram to the city centre. The Dream Festival was starting that day (Friday) so I decided to go take a gander. It's on the bank of the Yarra River, and it's a bunch of art work with dreams being the theme. I got some brekkie then had a look, they were still getting set up a bit, so it was neat but didn't have the atmosphere. It would be really cool to go back at night (it's all lit up and have bands...) but I'm not going to go to Melbourne just for that. Here're some pics from there.

I then decided to go to the Queen Victoria Market cause I've been wanting to for a while, to do some souvenir shopping. I got almost everything I needed/ wanted to get for people, and I even found a few things for myself. :P The most exciting thing is that I GOT A DIDGERIDOO!! That was the one thing that I really wanted to get for myself here, and I got an amazing offer!! I have been looking at them for a long time but it's hard to find authentic ones (made out of gum wood and carved out by termites, then painted by aboriginals) that don't cost HEAPS! The sales man was really nice and he made me some awesome offers as I got a few other things there as well. But anyway, the one I got was completely authentic, and has a beautiful hand-painted design! Ones like the one I got usually run about $400, and he said he sells them on the weekend for around $200, but I got it for a mere $100!!!! I thought I was for sure going to have to spend at $200 on a decent one, and as I wasn't willing to go much over $200 for one I was a bit worried that I wasn't going to find one that I REALLY liked, but I got lucky!! Yay for the Victoria Market!!
Here are some pics. The story is that there are two kangaroos protecting the water holes (the little circles) and day and night are coming together in the centre. At the bottom end is a circle of hunters around a camp fire with their spears and boomerangs. On the back of the didgeridoo are kangaroo tracks. :)

I have been practicing a bit and am already better than I was a few days ago. :) I mainly need to work on the circular breathing, I have the concept, but it's not easy!

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