Monday, May 26, 2008


So, I hung out with some of the people from the Christian group I'm in yesterday (Sunday). I went to a baptist church with them, it wasn't a normal service though cause there was the choral from Grace University in Omaha, Nebraska who sang most of the time. They were really good, it was kind of funny though cause with them there, me being there with a bunch of Americans and the pastor being American I had to remind myself that I was still in Australia. ;P The church was like this little log house, it was quite cute. After that we went to Burger Inc to each, it was amazing food! Then we went back to the girls place and watched LOST, then went to one of their friends houses on the opposite side of Geelong. We then went to ichurch, where there were 3 different pastors from different places that talked about topics and if you had any questions you could SMS them in and they would answer them. It was an interesting idea, it was good, but I was really tired too, so it was a little hard to pay full attention. I met some really nice people there, it was funny though cause a few of us had to explain what we were doing in Australia numerous times cause we kept meeting new people; we joked that we should make t-shirts. ;P Anyway, I should explain a little, Jessica, Marla, and Kasey are the three girls from CA who are here with Campus Crusade for Christ (Real life in Australia) and they all live together right behind my house. Drew, Dave, and Mike from CA and AZ are the three guys also with the group (they're all working here and have been here for about 1 1/2 years and are leaving in December, some may be coming back) and they all live together close by. So, I went to Jessica, Marla and Kasey's house this morning to call Dad (they said I could use their internet since I didn't have it at the time), after I got done talking with Dad I walked back to my house and found that my bank statement had come in the mail (the only reason I wasn't able to get internet was because my bank statement hadn't come yet) so I went and got internet today! :) That makes me very happy!!! Oh, I went and saw the new Indiana Jones movie on Friday with Loretta and her boyfriend Owen, it was ok. :) I really liked it but it left me wanting something at the same time, it didn't quite live up to the old Indy's in my opinion, but it was ok. :) This week I am going to start putting my and David's plans for a trip to Uluru into action, so wish me luck! ;P Well, that's about it for now.

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