Sunday, May 11, 2008

pay days are wonderful

It's been a while since I wrote, but a lot has happened in that time. So, first of all, the people I was getting internet from got a password, so I have been without internet, but I haven't minded. I have just been coming to school and doing my stuff here, the downside is that I haven't been able to talk to David or anyone else, but it's been ok. That's probably for the best anyway cause David had finals week and was writing heaps of papers! I got paid, it was a bit of a hassle because I (somehow) gave my bosses the wrong number for direct deposit, so I didn't get my money right away. I don't know what I did, but then I gave them the number again and it was a completely different number than I gave them the first time; oh well, it's fixed now. So, I was supposed to get paid on Wednesday and I got paid on Tuesday of the next week. So, I used that money to pay my utility bill (comes every 3 months) and to fix my phone, which happily only cost me $25!! It was just a loose connection in the phone that was making my screen not show up. I also put my camera in to get fixed (finally), that ended up costing more than I expected, $130, but my camera is all better and I think it should stay that way for a long time. The problem was that the leaves on the lens had come loose (when I bought the camera off of, it came like that, but it was never a big problem until recently). I also of course had to buy groceries. So, between all of that an finding a really good deal on a nice jacket and buying a shirt and going to a movie with some friends, that was all of my pay check. This next one (this Wednesday) is going to go fast too cause I have to pay rent as well as (if there's enough) get internet. I luckily found a place that didn't have a 2 year contract internet plan. I just have to buy the portable modem for $199, then it's just $15/month for 1 GB internet (I can get more if I want later if I think that's not enough, but I mainly just talk on Skype and email, so I think it should be good). It'll be nice to not have to rely on shaky internet, that's for sure. I do feel a little bad for using that free internet, but I didn't have money to get any and it was there, so I used it. Anyway, so work's going well, I go in today after class again. I bought a ticket to 17. Mai (syttende Mai = May 17th) shindig in Melbourne! For those of you who don't know May 17th is the Norwegian national holiday, and there are quite a number of Norwegians here! ANSA (Australia Norwegian Students Abroad) are putting this thing one, that was another thing my pay check went to. The ticket was $65 (a little pricey I know) but the money goes to a project in Thailand for orphans. It includes a 3 course meal, transport to the affair from Melbourne, and an open bar. It should be a lot of fun! I asked one of the Norwegian girls who goes to soccer practice with me if I could go with her and whoever she was going with, so I will. :) I am looking forward to it! Well, fall is here! We've had some pretty cold weather followed by some really nice weather, it's pretty warm today! The trees have almost lost all of their leaves, but the gum trees still have their leaves, I wonder if they'll fall off or not? Quite a few flowers are still in bloom too, so in many ways it doesn't LOOK like fall. It was really neat, I walked to school the other day to go on the internet and saw a bunch of bright pink things (from a tree) on the ground around the trees, I looked up and saw parrots with red heads and gray bodies picking at these and dropping what they didn't eat on the ground. It was really neat to watch. I called the Werribee zoo again today to see if they would have any volunteer projects I could get involved in, and they said they were full up now, but were going to make more later in the year, so I was told to call back around August to see what's new. I hope something works out cause most of the reason I came down here was for the wildlife. :) Ok, I should stop talking now. :)

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