Wednesday, April 30, 2008

WINNER... not

So, while I was sitting in the library today I decided to check the messages on my phone in case my bosses left any messages for me. I know how to do that without the screen, so I checked, I had one message. Now, before I go on, a little follow up. While I was in Melbourne on Sunday I couldn't tell whether my phone was on or off cause it was too light to see if the lights on the keys were lit up, and too loud to hear the beeping of the keys, so I just wasn't sure. The message I had on my phone was from Sunday at about 3:45 (while I was still there), it was from a guy from the international student federation or something, and he said that he had tried calling me once before and couldn't get a hold of me. He said I was the regional winner and that if I didn't pick up his next call he would have to draw another name. Well, obviously I didn't pick up cause I'm sure my phone was off or I didn't hear it. So, the only thing I can think that it might have been was this thing I signed up for to win a portable DVD player. That really sucks!!! I never really win anything big, and the one time I do I don't get the message because my bloody phone is on the fritz!! That made me really sad today. Another bad thing that happened today was this: I had $5 left in my wallet (along with a bit of change), and that's all I really have until I get a pay check. I had to print out an assignment due tomorrow and printing is $0.09 per page, so I had a $0.18 document to print (the school printers are my only source of printing). Just then was when I ran out of money on my card, and the machines that take money to put onto one's card take no less than $5. So, just so I could hand in my assignment tomorrow I had to spend my last $5! Now I don't even have enough money to take a bus trip. I was hoping I would get paid today, but I didn't so I called my boss (I found out how to locate their number on my phone thankfully) and left a message asking when I worked next as well as when we got paid. I hope it's soon. Dad sent me a $50 international money order that I went to the bank with today, the good news is the can take it, the bad news is there's a $10 fee and I can't access that money for up to 6 weeks! So, that doesn't help much right now. I am really just hanging on until I get a pay check. Having no money is really stressful, but at the same time I have been without it so often that I'm getting used to it. It's not stressing me out as much right now (probably because I know I have money on the way), but it still isn't a good feeling. I just hope I can get paid the whole amount of what I've earned cause I have just only applied for a tax file number today and they say that without one my employers have to withhold like 46% or something! I just hope that I can get that back once I get my TFN! I don't know, we'll see. Also, I found that there's a Norwegian May 17th shindig (on May 17th of course) in Melbourne, I really want to go, but tickets are $65, so I don't know if that'll be possible. Even if I get paid by May 9th (the last day to buy tickets) I don't know if I should spent that much on something like that, but I would really love to go! My internet keeps going in and out, so it's not reliable, but I just use it at school when it's not working, the worst part is just not being able to use Skype when it goes out to talk to David, but we deal with it ok. :) I've joined a Christian group on campus, they are mostly from the US (CA) but it's good, they're all really nice. They are big on evangelism, which I'm not so much on (I feel like it's better to show than go up and pressure). I don't think they're really about pressuring though, just talking, and I know why, they are trying to get the group to be student run and you can't do that without people, but I am still a little uncomfortable about it and I know that's just a me thing. ;P Naw, it's good.

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