Sunday, April 27, 2008

Treasure Hunt

So, Friday I went into Geelong and am glad I did cause I was scheduled to work at 3:00-9:30 PM. I also worked the next day 8:30-6:00 PM. Allie, one of my bosses, asked me if I could work on Sunday from 1-5 (and if not that was ok) and I said that I had some plans, but that I might be able to come in around 3, so he said that was fine.

My plans were this: I got up early and rode my bike into Geelong to catch the 8 AM train with Loretta, Irene (from Italy) and her boyfriend Sam (who just got in to Aussie that week). We went to this big treasure hunt that was being put on for the international students in Melbourne. We got there a bit early and so ate some muffins that I brought from work. Once we got in and got our stuff a Dutch girl came over to us and asked if she could join us since she was alone, we of course were happy to have her. Her name is Renske, and is really nice; she's over here for a semester doing some research for her masters. This really enthusiastic guy got on stage and asked where everyone was from by calling out countries. It looked as if I was the only American (surprising) and so he had me stand up, and the two Italians with us were the only ones so they too stood up; he didn't call Switzerland or the Netherlands) then he did a little raffle (most of the prizes were either Optus [large mobile phone company here] pre-paid minutes/phones and footy [Aussie rule football] tickets) for an Optus phone. Then he asked for some volunteers who could win prizes. I was surprised no one put their hand up right away, so I did. :) I got called up along with a guy, who turned out to be another American (from NJ) who was just overlooked in the country thing. ;P Anyway, we were sent backstage where I had to dress up as a crocodile and he as a kangaroo. It was so funny! We the went back on stage and were asked Aussie questions, both of us answered all right, so he left it to applause to see which one of us would be the big winner; it was me!!! So, he got some Optus stuff (phone card...) and I got two footy tickets to see Melbourne vs. Northern Melbourne! We stayed in our costumes till after and got pictures taken with the Lord Mayor, it was neat. The best part about the footy game is that it's July 27th, so David can come with me to it!!!

By the way, for those of you who don't know, David's coming to visit me July 18th-August 2nd (he has to be in Ecuador on the 3rd); I am so excited! I just hope we can pile most of the stuff we want to do into two weeks! He was coming until the 9th, but found out he had to be in Ecuador earlier than anticipated. Oh, this is a bit random, but I have to mention it cause I thought it was strange and hilarious! I was this kid in the mall I work in, he was probably 3 or 4 and his dad was with him. He was wearing a t-shirt that said "lock up your daughters." I nearly lost it! ;P

Back to today's venture, before the 4 of us left to the train station we saw a ferris wheel and had to take a ride, so we did. It made us late for the 5:00 train, so we had to wait until 6:00, but it was fun and worth it. When we got back into Geelong we walked back to Irene's house, Loretta got her bike (she had stayed the night there that night) and we biked back to Waurn Ponds together. I was glad to get home. It was actually quite cold out today, but luckily it was nice out. :) Our house is very cold right now and I can't figure out the heater. Oh well. :) Well, I will wrap it up for now.