Friday, April 4, 2008

Daylight savings

So, I find out if I will get the Muffin Break job on Monday, it was a group interview. They broke us up into juniors, college age, and older. So, the juniors went before us, then we were at 2:00, there were 6 of us. The owners said they narrowed it down from 80 to 30, and now they will pick like 15-18 of us, so we have about a 50% chance. Literally everything is riding on me getting a job, so I really hope I get it! Also, I put a little widget up (as you might have seen) for you to be able to see what the weather is like over here, I put it in Fahrenheit to make things easier. So, now you can see what sort of weather I'm dealing with. Another new bit of info is that Australia does have different daylight savings times from the US, ours is this Sunday, and since it's fall over here we still "fall back" an hour. So, David and I were talking about this, we went from 5 hours apart when I left to 6 now, and after Sunday we'll be 7 hours apart! But, in the spring (your fall) it should go back to 5. :) It's kind of weird and interesting huh?

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