Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Soccer club

So, I, Cassie Novak, who has only played soccer in gym class and messing around with friends, is in the soccer club! I am actually really excited! There seem to be some really nice people on the team. Tuesdays are girls practices and Thursdays are the boys, but the other are encouraged to come to the other. ;P I am going to go again on Thursday with the boys; I will get my ass kicked. ;P I really liked it and got a good work out, a muscle in my leg started hurting so I didn't join in at the end, but most others had left by then anyway. I look forward to going back. I was actually surprised at how well I did, good for me! ;P I was planning on going to bible study tomorrow (Wednesday) at 3, a girl contacted me about it and I found out that she is also from the US (California... everyone seems to be from CA!). I was looking forward to it, but I got a call from my boss tonight asking if I could come in for more training from 3-5, so I can't go to bible study. I am not too sad cause I have also been looking forward to going into work again (I really enjoy it so far, the people are great!). I have to go buy some black non-slip shoes tomorrow before I go, so it's credit card time since I have no money, but that should hold me until I get my first pay check and can pay it off. :) I was invited to go into Melbourne this Saturday and catch up with some of the Tasmania trip group with dinner, dancing and footy. Sadly, I am not going, I am pretty sure I will be working then for one thing, and second, I don't have money to be spending on that sort of thing, but it does sound like heaps of fun. :) Oh well. :) Well, I'll sign out for now, YAY FOR JOBS!


Tigerbus said...

Is it good weather for soccer right now? Come to think of it, do they even call it soccer down there?

Cassie said...

REALLY late post, but I just found this. Once you get warmed up it's not problem! It's actually been really warm lately (for winter). Yes they call it soccer here. :) They have their own football (footy).