Sunday, April 13, 2008

Yay for jobs!

So, I have had two training sessions so far, Friday night from 6-9 was the first one. I took the bus to Corio (Northern part of Geelong...just for the training) and I was told by my boss that if no one else could give me a ride home they could, which was really nice of her. The buses don't run that late, but luckily two of the others (both 20 years old) live in Highton, near Waurn Ponds, so I got a ride home with AJ. We learned about making coffee, it was a lot the same and a lot different than at the CCC at the same time. I really enjoyed it. The best part is that everyone that I've been training with is awesome and I really can't wait to work with them all. I really think I will have fun working here! I know it will be a challenge cause I've never worked customer service before, but I am prepared to take that challenge, and it will only help me grow as a person and give me even more experience! I drank a hot chocolate that night and we got to try a bunch of the coffees we made (I just had one sip, cause as many of you know I'm not much of a coffee drinker anyway ;P) Also, we found out that three days a week they give all of the day old products (muffins, slices, quiches, pies...) to a homeless shelter (who love them of course!) and the other days the rest of us have to take the stuff if we don't want it thrown out. :P We all took a heap home that night, I got a bunch of muffins, a pie, a quiche, and two different kinds of wraps (I like the wraps the best, which is funny cause usually wraps aren't my thing). We had to come in again Sunday morning 9-12, so AJ came an picked me up. We went through the different types of products and some customer service basics. We also got a hot drink of our choice when we got there. :) Just a little note, when you finish drinking out of your cup there is a smilie face at the bottom. ;P Also, on the hot chocolates, with powdered chocolate on the top, they did it in the shape of a smilie too, very cute! Anyway, so I am very excited and excited to start working. I know that I won't be working Tuesdays or Thursdays, but other than that they are still working on our itineraries and they said they might change a bit in the first few weeks as everything is so hectic.

Also, on Saturday Laura (another US exchange student) invited me to her soccer game (soccer club) and said that I should join cause they need more people. I have been wanting to get involved in something but haven't cause I was waiting on a job. They practice Tuesdays and Thursday, which is perfect cause I don't work then! It'll help me get into better shape, and to meet more people. I am not worried about being very good cause she said I didn't have to be, and by watching their game I believe her. ;P Anyway, so I am going to practice on Tuesday! I think I will have to buy cleats, but David said you can get like $30 pairs, plus I have a $5 discount card to a sport store, and now that I will be making money, I don't mind the buy. I also have to get black shoes for work, but that is going to come before the cleats definitely.

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