Thursday, April 24, 2008

ANZAC Day Adventure

As a prequel to this ANZAC Day adventure I must tell of the events that fell post-soccer practice last night. So, I had brought my cell phone with me in case of emergency as usual, it was sitting in the back compartment of my flimsy dance bag. No, I didn't lose it, I found that after practice it wasn't working, and I knew that it had had a good amount of charge left. I worried that maybe it got a bit of a toss in my bag. So, when I got home I found that taking the battery out and blowing on it a bit worked, it turned back on. That's not the end though, it now all works except the screen. So, I can call people, but I don't know who I'm calling! This is a bad thing because my phone is how I rely on info from my bosses as to when I work. I haven't heard anything from them this entire week, so I don't know if I work Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, all of which I need to know. So I tried calling them and got an unidentified answering machine, so I don't know if it worked. This morning (Friday morning) I was going to get a ride to the bus stop on campus from Abby cause she was going to drive her and some other people there as buses don't run that early in the morning (especially on a public holiday). We had made no prior ACTUAL plans or times or anything, so I figured I would wait as long as I could, still giving myself enough time to ride my bike if she didn't show up (since I tried calling her the night before and got my friend Samantha) :). Just as I locked the door and then turned around cause I forgot my bike helmet Abby came up the driveway, good timing!! So, we had to pick some other people up, we did so with one problem, this was her sister's car and so there were two child seats in the back and we couldn't figure out how to get them out, they were really held fast at the top! So, the others had to sit on these/ in the back. Needless to say it was cramped. We were running a bit late, we got to the bus stop and the bus was JUST leaving, they saw us and turned around. Abby went to park the car (in view of the bus) but I think they thought we were in a taxi (cause there was a taxi at the bus stop too and those people weren't coming on the trip) so it started to turn around again, not heeding out yells to stop; we even honked!! So, we all got back in the car and followed the bus to Torquay (about a 20 min drive), it was funny and unbelievable at the same time, we had more people in the car than they had in the bus!! We were all a bit ticked off to tell the truth, they said they would wait about 10 minutes, and we were only 5 minutes late. Oh well, we got there. The dawn service was very nice, there were LOTS of people there though, so you couldn't really see anything. Anyway, long story short, Abby dropped me back off at home and I took a nap. So, now the plan is, since I don't have anything else to do today, to take the bus into town and see if they need me at work today, if not I can walk around the botanical gardens, which I haven't visited yet. Either way, I will be able to explain my phone situation and find out when I am working. I would get my phone fixed today, but I think that will have to wait until tomorrow as most places are closed today. The good news is that my internet is currently working!!!!! I am very happy, I haven't been able to talk to David for a while now (other than via email). I just hope it stays on long enough for me to do so. :)

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