Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Muffin Break job!

I GOT THE JOB! I am so excited! They are opening a new Muffin Break store in the new mall that is being built in Geelong central, so the actual store won't open until the 17th of April, but this week and next week will be training sessions at the store in Corio (a Northern suburb of Geelong). I let my boss know the what size I am for my uniform (we guessed a lot ;P) and what times I was available for training, so I have yet to hear back about when I will come in for training. I am very excited to start for numerous reasons. I think that having something else to do ( a job) it it help me be less bored for sure! I am also excited to start because the bosses (a young married couple) are very nice and I think it will be fun working with them. Also, I think this will help me meet people, and the other people I interviewed with seemed very nice. Once I get a solid schedule going, if I have time, I am also looking into getting more involved on campus (maybe joining netball or water polo or a club), so overall I think this will help me to meet people. Of course I am especially excited to be making money, I know now that I will survive and I can stop borrowing money from David to pay for my rent! I will be making $15/hour, which is like minimum wage over here, so I am very excited for how much money I will be able to save up! Tonight I am going to a free movie with some friends. I am a DUSA member, and every so often they give us vouchers to go see a free movie, tonight's movie is Prom Night. I am not especially excited for the actual movie (I wouldn't see it if it weren't free) but hey, it's free! It should be fun, I don't get to hang out with people very often right now. :) Anyway, I am very much looking forward to getting out of this funk I'm in and start getting off of my butt and doing stuff!

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