Friday, May 30, 2008

Crazy prof

So we had a substitute professor in my Animal Biology class cause ours was sick, I think these two lectures were his first. Anyway, we were in our class on Wednesday and class usually gets out at 11:50, at about that time the prof for the next class came in and said "time!". That was a little rude we thought but didn't make anything else out of it, then just a few minutes later (we were running a few minutes late because our prof wanted to finish up the slides for that day as it was his last chance to go over that material) the other professor came in again and said "I need you to leave, I have a class at 12." Well, this, we thought, was very rude as we were only like 3 minutes over time. Our prof very nicely said "we'll just be a few more minutes, we're just finishing up", this other guy then said "no, you need to leave now, I have a class that STARTS at 12!." Our prof calmly stated again that we wouldn't be long, this guy slammed his briefcase down on a table and said "no you need to leave, you're being very unprofessional!" At this point the rest of the class started yelling at him that we would be just a few more minutes and he could wait and that he was the one being unprofessional. He finally backed off, but then started erasing the white board then stood in the corner with his arms crossed and a scowl on his face. He also made a point to leave the door open so all of the noise from the hall was coming in. Needless to say it was a very tense last few minutes of class. We couldn't believe how impatient he was and that it mattered that much that he started ON TIME! Apparently, I heard later, someone in our class went to a higher authority and reported his behavior. It was a very interesting day. Anyway, another interesting thing that happened to me that day was that (in that same class) we were informed that a graduate student needed helpers later on in the year with an experiment he's doing on Rosellas and their coloring. He's wondering if there is reasoning behind them having different color schemes in different areas of Victoria amongst other things. So, I have talked to him (he's from Bristol, England) and he said that it would be great if I could come on and help for a bit. The project is from October-January, but of course I couldn't be on the whole time, but I was thinking it would be neat to help out for like a week or two, depending on how much I wanted to work. I really would like to take advantage of this opportunity though cause half of the reason I came to Australia was for the wildlife, and I would love to get to work with some of it before I leave! Also, it would be neat cause I'd get to see some different areas of Victoria that I otherwise wouldn't really get to see. :) I look forward to it!! This is a project that he is advertising in Bristol as well and students from there can come down and help as well. I'll keep you updated on that when I know more; it's still a ways in the future. I also got my classes figured out for next semester, I am taking:
Anatomy & Physiology (2nd half)
Genetics of Populations
Comparative Animal Physiology (online)

They all sound very interesting and fun! Oh, and I got my first Australia Today paper back and I got an HD (high distinction) or a 92%. :) It sounds like lots of other people (at least in the one group of friends) got in the 50's according to a girl I'm on soccer with, which made me feel good. ;P

So, we have mice in our house and Heath's dad came over the other day and put poison around (in areas where Terrorist couldn't get to it), so hopefully that helps. They had been pooping in our pantry, which isn't good. It smells like mice in there now too, as well as in a few other places. They've been coming out of holes in the wall by the TV where powerpoints used to be. Anyway, hopefully that situation will be better soon. It was a bit creepy though, two nights ago I was home alone, vacuuming the poo from the pantry and then I walked into the other living room and there I saw this large spider crawling on the wall behind the TV, I took a closer look and it was a white tail!!! I haven't seen one yet, and didn't want to!! These are one of the two spiders I was told to look out for (they don't have funnel web spiders in Victoria), they aren't really that dangerous, just really to kids and stuff, but their bite can still make you pretty sick I hear. It's also a little disconcerting cause these are the ones that like to hide in clothes and in beds!! But, I'm ok, I just hope I don't see another one! That one was exceptionally large for that species too!
I work this whole weekend, I didn't get paid the other day when I should have been, so I told my boss and she said she'll look into it. I booked David's and my trip to Uluru on Thursday!! I am very excited, now I just need to get paid so I can buy the plane tickets and book our places in the hostels we'll be staying in. It should be heaps of fun!

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