Monday, June 2, 2008


So, I will be moving! Big news I know. :) It all sort of started when I got an email from the international office about a room to rent in a shared house across from Deakin (these emails get sent out to all international students). This place sounded like a great deal, and was cheaper than what I am paying now, but I didn't think too much on it. Then Heath went to Perth again and one day Sam says to me "I guess Heath's going to stay in Perth." He also mentioned that he might move out as well. Well, this got me thinking, if everything is going to be changing, and now that Heath is gone I most likely will never get a wall built around my door and the mouse problem will continue and the heater won't get fixed, then I might as well move out. So, I called up this girl, Amanda (Amandim from India), and we scheduled to have me come look at the place today, which I did. So, I have decided to move out. The place is $78/week (I'm paying $100 here) and she is leaving her desk, dresser, bed, mattress in the room. The house also has central heating, so that will be nice, and internet is included in the price, but I would need to get a cable. Apparently the land lord is really nice and if you need anything just ask her and she'll get it for you. The place was a bit messy, but that's ok. :) What do you expect when you're living with 8 other people. There's quite a few from India, a girl from Shri lanka, one from China, and a boy from China from my understanding. I met one of the other housemates while I was there, Sid (India) who is sort of in charge of the house, he's nice. I will have to find someone to move into the house when I move out (cause the lease is until February and if I just move out the price goes up for everyone), but that's not a problem. It is literally just across the street from Deakin too, which is really nice! When I got home just a bit ago I messaged Heath to let him know that I'll be moving out and that I need my bond back, he called me just now and said he thinks he'll sell the house anyway, so that's good that I was moving. He's kind of unreliable if you couldn't tell. I just feel bad for Sachi, as far as I know she knows nothing about all of this yet, I don't know what she's going to have to do if he sells the house. Anyway, overall it looks like I've made a very wise choice. Also, utilities are more like $30-40 every 3 months at this new place as opposed to $90 here. Anyway, so after the 25th ish of June my new address will be:

2-4 Stedding Link
Highton 3216 (I think the post code is the same but I'll let you know if it's not)

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