Thursday, June 12, 2008

Study week 1

On Monday Loretta came over and we watched Edward Scissorhands together, that was nice. Tuesday me and the church group I hang out with went to see Prince Caspian, which I loved! There were a few significant differences from the book, but I thought they had them in there for purposeful reasons. Also, I thought this funny, anyone that knows the past Organic Chemistry prof at U of I, Davico... well, Miraz reminded me of Davico in many ways. ;P Wednesday was a day full of drama, I had an appointment that I had payment issues with, but it all worked out in the end, then I got a message from Amanda, the girl who's room I'll be moving into, saying that she wasn't sure if she was going to be moving out after all. This was a problem cause Heath is already having his brother and friend moving in when I leave, so I need to move out. I was talking to her on my phone and we got cut off because my credit was low, so I had to bike back home (I was at Deakin at the time) and put money on my phone online before I could call her back. Luckily it'll be ok, apparently she is still moving but said it would be a slow move and she might not be able to get all of her stuff out. So, I'll either have to live with some of her stuff for a bit, or take a different room (there's another one available in the same house). So, it's all ok, but needless to say that day was a bit stressful. My internet has been acting up, it keeps going in and out, but only really with Skype. Only a few times has it interfered with my actual internet, but it'll say I'm not connected when I am and then I disconnect, unplug the modem, reconnect it and then log back on and it might work. It's getting annoying. Other than that I am doing ok, I have been studying a bit, it's actually quite awesome the stuff I'm learning! I absolutely love physiology, it is one of my new passions! I had to laugh today cause I had just been studying the liver and when I went to go to the bathroom I heard on the tv (it was a dog race) the name Billy Rubin. For those of you who don't know bilirubin is made up of dead red blood cells and is a constituent of the bile, it's what makes up the yellow color of urine and the brown color of feces. Anyway, that was my little joke to myself for the day. Even though I have been having fun learning this stuff I have also been bored. I really feel the need to get out of Geelong, but that's not really possible with me having to save for the Uluru trip as well as working. I am actually really looking forward to coming home, I kind of wish that I had only come for one semester, but I know that I wouldn't have had a lot of the experiences I have had or will have if I had only come for one semester, so I guess it's good. I think it would be better if I had a car, but that's too expensive, but it would have given me a lot more freedom, oh well. :) As far as work goes they haven't scheduled me for any more time even though I can work 40 hours/week now. There's just too many people working there to justify it right now. I think I'm going to look into another casual job for when I'm not in school. Well, that's about all for now, I am just going to be studying and doing nothing for the next week.

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Jeanine said...

Cassie! Yay for google and stalking you- I know you wrote your blog webby on your post card in February, but I misplaced it after I cleaned. (Stupid necessary cleaning...) Its great to hear you're doing well =) and you're a working girl now, eh? XD woot!
I'll be going to work in Connecticut for 2 months; bought a new laptop to take with me (Yay, something super new!) It's not an apple-sorry! Miss you bunchies, I'll try to re-read your life at some point in the future! Oo And if you ever go to Queensland, I know a super sweet girl there... Just incase.. I don't know.... Anyhow =) Be good!