Monday, September 1, 2008

All bubbly inside :)

Today's the first day of spring!!! (Sept. 1st) Australian Father's day is next sunday. I had mid-semester tests the past week and have one more (online) this week. I did very poorly on my Genetics one, I didn't go about studying in the right way. I am hoping I might be able to do something to make up for it a bit, but we'll see. :( Oh well, I just need to get cracking and do well on the final and my assignments. Anyway, so, at work the past week or so we've been having the problem of Allie and Sue canceling milk deliveries but the delivery men have still been delivering it. This means that our milk fridge in the store room has been full up to the point that they've had to leave the milk outside of it. This has been a problem for a bit, but a few days ago at work Zoe mentioned that the milk she'd brought in had been sitting out for a bit but we didn't think much of it. A bit later a lady came up and said that she didn't want to make a scene, that's why she was whispering and such, but that the milk in their cappuccinos tasted funny and that they couldn't drink them cause they didn't want to vomit. She wondered if it were because when you keep refilling milk you can sometimes burn it, but we all knew what the problem was. So, we started smelling the milks and almost all the ones we had in the store were bad (not VERY bad, but bad at all isn't good to serve obviously). We hadn't really thought about that before, otherwise we would have smelled them first! Anyway, we poured all of those out and I went into the store room to get more, which I opened and smelled all of them before I brought them out. Anyway, we made the lady and her husband two new caps with good milk and I took their drinks out to them when they were ready. They thanked me and they said they understood cause they have a machine at home and that burning the milk could happen (I didn't tell them the real problem). I thanked them for letting us know about it and for being so kind about it. Later on, before they left the husband came up to me and said that they weren't from here and that he couldn't express how nice it was to come and be served by someone with such nice manners, and they were really appreciative and that the coffees were excellent. That made me feel so good! At that point even if I had a really crappy rest of the day, which I didn't, that would have made my whole day. :) I was quite proud. :) I am very glad that that happened with nice understanding people, cause there are some people who are very snotty, it's like they just complain to make a ruckus, that would've been very unpleasant if it had been someone like that. Anyway, we shouldn't have that problem anymore! I just hope they were the ONLY people that got coffees like that, we didn't have any other complains, so hopefully it was ok. :)

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