Sunday, September 7, 2008

Attack of the magpies

I was riding my bike to gym a few days ago along the side of the road when I got hit by something on the back of my head, just below/ on the bottom of my helmet! It took me completely by surprise, when I turned there was a magpie chasing me, it was preparing for it's second attack! I put my head down and pedaled even harder, which was difficult seeing as how I was going uphill. It gave up luckily, but it was hilarious! I wondered when/ if I was going to be hit by one, I'm just glad I had my helmet on, even then it kind of hurt. The magpies here are nuts, they dive bomb you to protect their nests. I have to say though, I am glad it happened to me at least once while I was here cause it's a pretty unique thing. :) So, last night I was thinking to myself that I should really clean my room before I start attracting spiders (I had a lot of clothes on the floor... white tail spiders like to hide in clothes on the floor). This morning right before I was going to leave for the gym I saw a white tale crawling on my floor!!!! I am so glad I saw it, it made a b-line straight for a pair of pants I had laying on the floor, if I hadn't seen it I might have received a bite later on! (their bite can kill infants and unhealthy people, but in healthy people can just make them really sick). So, I immediately picked up the rest of my clothes (making sure to shake them out) and when I got home from work later on today I cleaned and vacuumed my room, so, HOPEFULLY that won't be a problem anymore. I have three assignments due soon, one I'm pretty much done with, but I hate how they always seem so far off and suddenly they aren't anymore! How does that happen?! ;P So, I bought my tickets to Perth a few days ago and have booked my spot in a hostel there. I am really excited to go, it should be good. One of the best parts is that the tickets were only $247 return, and the hostel is $20/night with free: brekkie (breakfast), travel to/from the airport, travel to/from the city amongst other things. :) So, it looks like I probably won't be spending much more than $400 for the whole trip!! I am really looking forward to looking at Murdoch Uni (for me) and UWA (for David) to see what they're like. I am especially excited to find out more about the program I want to get into and get more personal information about that. I'll make sure to write about that when the time comes. :) Oh, I forgot to mention when I'm going, October 16-21st (the week of the 20th is the last week of school). I had to buy the tickets during school cause after school gets out the prices went up dramatically. Anyway, should be good!

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