Friday, September 12, 2008

Norwegian birthday party

The Norwegians (and one Swedish guy) live in a house just down the road from me, and I was invited to Preben and Christian's birthday party on Wednesday night (7:00 PM-4:00 AM). I thought that Prepen and the guy named Christian, who lives there too, were both having a birthday, but when I got there I found that Prepens identical twin had flown in for a few weeks and it was the two of them who were having the birthday! I had no idea Preben had a twin! It was funny cause when I walked in I saw Christian and said "gratulere med dagen Preben!" and someone told me that was his twin, but I didn't believe them. ;P I found out soon after. ;P Since he was down to visit just for a few weeks they were all going up to Cairns, QLD right after the party (like at 5:00 AM, their plane was at 7)! That must've been intense. The party was great and I got to speak heaps of Norwegian. :) They kept telling me how good I was especially after 4 years (can't believe it's been that long)! There have been so many birthday going on lately!! I am going to a surprise birthday shindig for Marla on Sunday (one of the American's here for Campus Crusade, or Real Life as it's called here). We're going to the Chocolate Room and getting the "full chocolate experience." That should be fun and interesting. Then next Wednesday another one of the housemates is having a birthday, Subov. His girlfriend, Ambika, who also lives here, was throwing him a surprise party that night, but one night they started fighting about that night (I think things were too vague for him) and Ambika just told him. ;P He felt bad after that. :P The weather has been getting really warm now, it was quite sudden! Just a few days ago it was quite chilly, and yesterday was actually hot! Sunday's supposed to be really nice, and I'm glad cause I actually have Sunday off! I worked late on Thursday cause Westfield (the mall) was having a fashion thing, not many people actually showed up for it though overall.

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