Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rainbows, parties, and thoughts, Oh My!

The past few days it's been nice outside, but rainy, so it's been sunny with rain. I was on the bus one day and it was raining; in the sky was the most magnificent rainbow I think I have ever seen! It had like two rows of small green/blue/purple stripes underneath where the "typical" rainbow started, and then above that one there was a very faint even bigger one! It was so brilliant and it was the entire rainbow. It was just so neat, I wished I had my camera with me. Seeing that also got me thinking about how we often say that stories such as "a kangaroo got it's long tail because a hunter once threw a spear at one and it stuck in it's butt" are cute and fun but overall silly to actually believe in. Well, generally I think in the same way, it's fun to think about, but to actually believe is another thing. It's just interesting to think that's how I think about rainbows! When I was little I was told that rainbows showed up in the sky because when God made the great flood, he promised the world there would never be a flood as great as that one, and to seal his promise he made the rainbow. I always believed that was the reason they were there. That's not something I often think about, but when I saw that rainbow it got me thinking that even though I know how they're really made, and maybe it's a bit silly, I still do, in many ways, believe that story. :) Which I guess makes me a hypocrite when I say those other stories could not possibly be believed... but then again maybe not, cause we know that a physical occurrence to an animal doesn't change its genetics. ;P Hehe, there I go again.

In other news, it seems like everyone I know is having birthdays! We had Subhav's birthday party on Wednesday night, there was lots of drinking and dancing (with Indian music too!). Ambika (Subhav's girlfriend who also lives in the house and who put on the party) made Indian food, with the help of Aphas, who made the chicken. The food was absolutely amazing!! I was soooo full but wanted to keep eating it was so good! It was funny though cause Aphas told me the next day that everyone was telling him how good the chicken was, but that week was the start of an Indian religious time when they can eat no meat (as well as no rice, wheat... only potatoes... the point being to live/eat simply and potatoes are the simplest form of food) and so he couldn't taste his own yummy chicken! It was kind of funny actually. ;P There have been like three days that I've had to get up and go to class or work after a night of partying! That is a lot all in a row cause I usually don't party this much! :P Then on Friday night, after work, I met up with my German friend, Stefanie, cause it was her birthday! We walked to the Villamanta House (a student accommodation for internationals in the city of Geelong; I almost stayed there but it was too expensive) and had fun. We watched the end of the Footy game (Geelong Cats vs. the Western Bulldogs), the Cats won of course. :P My bosses are huge cats fans and were at the game that night, we closed the shop alone. :) The Muffin Break store has Cats blue and white decorations all over, we even have blue and white smarties in the cookies, and have changed the jelly slice from red to blue. :P The next day most of us (that support Geelong at work) wore Cats hats instead of our Muffin Break hats (supplied by Sue and Allie). Anyway, back to the party. I was still in my work uniform, which was funny, and I brought Stef a box of muffins. :) They were a big hit. We played a drinking game, Kings, which was interesting with a bunch of international students cause they often didn't understand the rules. One Chinese kid gave up cause he had no idea what he was supposed to do. ;P About 3/4 through the game people were getting distracted and kind of quite playing. I started talking with a Norwegian and the two Germans, we talked about languages and what we were all doing and stuff like that, it was good. :) Later on I talked to the Faroe Islanders in Norwegian as well as with the Danish girl! It was great! I met heaps of new people there and had a great time! I was very pleasantly drunk after that. :) I have noticed that recently I have started to become the type of person I've always wanted to be. By that I mean that when I have been around really fun people, I like it and have wished that I was as fun and outgoing as them, but for some reason just wasn't and couldn't be. It used to be that at parties I would feel out of place and somewhat lonely even, but now I engage in the activities and happenings and talk to people! And by engaging, that doesn't necessarily mean drinking, I even now feel like if I didn't want to or couldn't drink that would be fine and I could still have fun; before it felt more like if I didn't then I was a party pooper, but now it doesn't matter and either way I have fun and I think others enjoy my presence as well. :) I think maybe my self-confidence has been boosted or something. :)

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