Thursday, July 31, 2008

David and the Red Centre trip! part 1

So, I went to pick David up on the 18th, got a ride to the train station early in the morning from a house mate, took the shuttle to the airport and got there at 8:20 AM. David's flight was supposed to get in at 7:55 AM. His flight had left late from LA, and to make up for lost time went fast on the way to Aussie, again a strong head wind, so had to stop in Sydney for fuel. Anyway, in other words his flight was 3 and a half hours late! This wasn't so fun for me, waiting at the airport with nothing to do. I got through it in the end. ;P It was awesome and yet strange to see David again. It didn't help that his goatee was bushier than I had ever seen it. ;P It took a few minutes to get used to him again, but it was great! Anyway, we took the shuttle back to Geelong and chilled for the day. That weekend we went up to Ballarat to visit Christine and Ash; we went to the Ballarat Wildlife Park, went out to eat, rented "Run Fatboy Run" and on Sunday went mini golfing before David and I took the bus back to Geelong. It was good fun, and really great to see Christine again. :) The only bad thing was that Ballarat is known for being one of the coldest parts of Victoria, and I am willing to say that's true. I don't think I was really warm that whole weekend. It doesn't help that their house is one of those with one heater in the living room/kitchen area... thus bedrooms don't get warm. Houses in Australia have very poor insulation. Anyway, it was a good weekend. On Wednesday the 23rd we had my roommate drop us off at the train station again in order to take an early shuttle to the Melbourne airport to catch our flight to Alice Springs (we needed to get rides because we needed to catch a shuttle that was earlier than the buses into the city start). The flight was just long enough to show one movie, and they served us lunch (just a sandwich and drink, they were good!). The Alice Springs airport is really neat, you walk out of the plane outside and there is this luscious garden area you walk through to get to the airport. Then when you get inside the airport the carpet is in aboriginal art designs and stuff, it's cool; the most different airport I've ever seen, that's for sure.

Our hostel met us there, when we got back to the hostel we checked in then walked around Alice Springs. We went to the botanical gardens first (it was also the most different botanical gardens we had ever seen, very arid-zoney. ;P) Then we went to see about going to the reptile house, but decided not to to save money. We went up onto ANZAC hill, where we watched the sun set.

It was FREEZING that night, we went down the hill and went to a place called Todd's for dinner, it was good. We were in a room with a bunch of French girls/guys, they seemed nice. :) Alice Springs has some nice points, but overall is has kind of a run down feel; I think a lot of that has to do with the aboriginals (only because they are usually the poor/ troubled part of the population), there were a lot of them. It was neat to see them cause I'd only seen a few since I've been here, but I tried not to stare for obvious reasons, but it really made me feel like I was in "Australia" you know.

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