Thursday, July 31, 2008

David and the Red Centre trip! part 3

On the second day of the tour we woke up, ate breakfast, then got on the road again, we went to Uluru this time. We had three choices, we could do the full walk around Uluru, we could do a sunrise viewing and do a half walk, or we could climb it (the aboriginals ask that you not climb the rock as it is sacred, so for that reason among others David and I didn't climb it). We did the full walk, which we also had a great few when the sun was rising. It really is amazing all of the different "faces" the rock has, you wouldn't think it to look at the pictures of it from a distance! There were some areas where you were not allowed to take pictures because of aboriginal sacred sites... it was a $5,000 fine if you did. It truly was amazing, we were rushed a bit near the end cause we had to make it back to the parking lot by 9:00 to do the Mala walk, where Sheldon would give us a guided tour of it (telling us the uses of different areas around the rock). In one of the caves we saw a dead bat hanging from the ceiling, we only know it was dead because it'd been there for at least 3 days (according to Sheldon) and it didn't move when you did anything. By the way, Sheldon is the one in the hat in the pictures. :) After that we went to the cultural centre near Uluru and had a bit of a look. We then went back to camp to have a quick lunch then pack up (we were a bit late and the next group coming had to wait a bit, but we had to do the same when we got there ;P). We then headed out to do more driving so we could get to King's Canyon a few hours away. That night we stayed at a camp that was about the same as the previous one, but we had a bit of off roading to do to get to it. ;P When we got there, there was a dingo sitting on the road scratching itself, Sheldon yelled at it to get out of the road. They frequent that area cause people feed them, which is bad cause then they are more daring and get closer (one must remember they're still wild). We saw one in the camp later that night too, it was just a few feet away from me, and it was sneaking around, it tried to get into one of the tents but I stood up and scared it away. They are cute though, I must admit. :) We had a very large, extravagant feast that night, there were two different types of chicken, veggies, David and I made bread, and there were mashed potatoes. It was a miracle the Italians liked it (one of them was trained as a chef and kept saying NO NO NO every time Sheldon wanted to put something strange in something... even though it turned out yummy, they didn't like it). ;P They were funny. David and I slept in a swag that night, it was really warm and comfy, but it also helped that King's Canyon is usually a few degrees warmer than Uluru, and it was actually a pleasant night. I had a shower that night too, it was nice!

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