Tuesday, July 8, 2008

work drama

On Monday, after work, we had an emergency staff meeting, no one knew what it was going to be about (aside from the new computer system details). So, we all sat down on the seats in the mall against a wall and Sue and Allie stood looking at all of us and told us that in the past week someone had stolen over $1,000 from the store. Needless to say we were all shocked! (except, most likely, the person who did it ;P) Allie talked about how they had gone to the police to get tips of what to do, anyway, they said that if the person came forward and confessed the charges wouldn't be so harsh, but that they were setting up cameras looking at the register. The saddest part was that Allie and Sue are so cool, they have had really lax rules and have been very trusting and awesome bosses, which they should have been able to do, and then someone walks all over that. Sue even started crying at the meeting. They said that if the person didn't come forward that any money gone missing would be taken equally out of everyone's pay, which even though unfair, would mean that who ever was doing it would only be hurting themselves. We wouldn't be able to have free drinks, staff discount would not be on anymore, and we wouldn't be able to take food home at the end of the day anymore. We would also have to start keeping our bags in the store room instead of in the store. Anyway, to make a long story short, later that night I received a message on my phone saying that they had a confession and that person had been terminated. So, we still get staff discounts, and still get to take food home, and every thing's back to normal, but we still have to put our bags in the store room, and a key is no longer readily available to the register. I was trying to think of who might even be capable to doing it that night, and could only think of one person, and even then I was doubtful. In short, it was Amy, who was like the third manager in a way. She was the person in charge when Sue and Allie weren't around, and she was very good at it. She had been working at the Corio Muffin Break prior to Geelong, so she was like the top dog as far as workers, cause we were all new, just starting at the Geelong store. The reason she popped into my head as the only even remotely likely candidate was that even though she was a really nice person, and fun at times, she also had this side of her that cut corners, and was a bit snobby. It was like she had two personalities, sometimes I really liked her, and other times she would really get on my nerves. Honestly, I didn't think her capable of something that low, but I guess I was wrong. I am very glad that she confessed though, it was for the best all around.

On a different note, I worked later than I was supposed to again today, then I stayed in Geelong and met up with Ane (an international student from Stavanger, Norway). We went and got her a bike lock (hers fell off), then we went and got sushi, then coffee (more specifically chai lattes :)). She paid for me cause I only had enough to catch the next bus, under the understanding that I would take her out to sushi sometime. :) We share a love for sushi! Anyway, we talked about all sorts of things, we both agreed that it's hard to socialize with people here. We both think a lot of it has to do with the fact that whereas in Norway and the US, Uni is like your life, here it's more like just another thing you do during the day. People will be at school for their class then go home, they don't stick around cause there's really nothing to stick around for. It makes it a lot harder to socialize that way. Also, unlike in Norway and the US, Australians tend not to have pre or post parties, they just go to a bar and buy drinks right away... much too expensive for us! Then they go home. Needless to say, I've only gone out once, I just can't justify spending my hard earned money on drinks. Anyway, we were both really glad to have someone to converse with. :) Well, I think I'll wrap it up for tonight.

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