Tuesday, July 1, 2008

House mates

Here are some pictures of my house mates. The guy with the mop is Siddhant, he's the one that collects the rent to give to the landlord. In the group picture of the boys, the one furthest on the right is Apu (that's for short, I forget his real name), it was his birthday this night (he has chocolate cake on his forehead). The girl with the camera, also taking a picture is Amandeep, the girl who's room I moved into. Sid moved into a bigger room, she moved into his and I into hers. This is taken from my room looking into the living room/kitchen area (which is most of the house ;P The rest are bedrooms and bathrooms). I'll get more pics up of the house later. Oh, Loretta came over today and dropped off her bed sheets for me, so now I have bed sheets!! It was kind of sad seeing her go, I will really miss her. I told her I'll definitely come visit her in Switzerland, I just don't know when. :)

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