Sunday, July 6, 2008

Working up until David

I have been working a lot the past few weeks, which is great! I want to earn as much money as possible so I can do all the fun things that I want to do with David, plus I still need to pay him back the rest of what I owe him. ;P It looks like I will be able to do all of that as well as pay rent and then some, so that's really good! David comes in 11 days!!!! I am soooo excited!!! This is probably the hardest part, his coming being so close, but yet so far away. I keep thinking about it everyday, which I need to try not to do cause it makes it harder that he's not here yet. :) I have been keeping busy finishing up The Brothers Karamazov, which is due back tomorrow. If I put my eyes to it (tee-hee) I think I can pull that off by tomorrow. :) I only have Wednesday off this week, I work every day other than that. Today after work we are having an emergency meeting, don't know what it's going to be about; we are all assured that no one's getting fired though. ;P The weather has been beautiful lately, today (and it looks like the rest of the week) looks dark and rainy though. I just hope that we get beautiful weather again for at least a little bit while David's here. I want to spend a day walking around Geelong, which is really nice on a nice day, so hopefully we get that. :) I was in the information center (with the carousel) on the beach a few days ago cause my bus got into town early, I saw a brochure there that sort of advertising that they do weddings there. The lady posing as the bride is my boss!! I wasn't sure it was her cause it wasn't her husband that was with her, but I thought it could just be a pose. Anyway, I mentioned it to Sue (my boss), that there was a lady that looked JUST LIKE HER, and she laughed and said it was her. She had done that shoot just before her and Allie got married (she joked that Allie wasn't good looking enough ;P). It was in her real wedding dress though, and her and Allie really did get married around the carousel, I thought that was really neat. :) Well, I have to go to work soon. TTFN

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