Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hanging out

Ok, so it's been a while since I last wrote, but now I have more to write about. Classes are going well so far, I have had both of my labs (or pracs as they call them here) for Animal Bio and Physiology. I had to buy a lab coat and safety glasses (their's are much nicer than the ones at U of I ;P) I had to order my lab coat cause they were out, and so I had to pay a $5 fee to borrow one for my Physio lab, but my teacher was nice and convinced them to let me borrow the glasses with no added charge. :) We only have pracs every two weeks here, which is nice, both labs were fun, but both I had done similar things before, but it was good review cause I didn't remember a whole lot. :P So, I have been hanging out with a girl named Abby (from Indiana) who is living with her sister and brother-in-law. They are here (with their two little girls and another baby on the way) to help out their church . . . Presbyterian I think, as well as work. Anyway, so Abby and I went down to Geelong central on Friday and walked around (it was REALLY HOT so it was good to go inside buildings. :) Then, her birthday was Monday (St. Patty's Day) and so they were all going out for Thai food with some other friends and Abby asked me along. That was really nice, and her sister even paid for my food, which was really nice of her. The food was amazing, we went back to their house after and ate ice cream and talked for a while. Abby called me again today and asked if I wanted to go to the beach with them, that was cancelled due to the fact that right when they were thinking about going the weather got crappy, but they still invited me over for dinner. It was really yummy! The youngest (like a year old) wasn't having a good day today though, but the almost 3 year old was being cute. :) We played Scrabble (and I won!! I got a 66 pointer with joys!) then watched some TV. It was funny, later on some pants that were sitting on the couch arm fell down when I moved so I went to put them back and there was a jumping spider there, so as anyone who knows me will know, I freaked out. Abby too is petrified of spiders, so I wasn't alone. Abby's brother-in-law (Brandon) found it and put it outside, then as I was checking to make sure the coast was clear to sit back down I saw another little tiny spider on the wall crawling behind the couch (not a big deal but it was funny nonetheless). A little later on in the evening, while we were watching TV I was just casually looking around and my eyes wandered to the computer desk where Abby's sister, Megan, was sitting. There on the bottom drawer was a huntsman! For all of you who don't know what a huntsman is, well, they aren't dangerous, but they are the spiders down here that just scare the shit out of you! It was funny cause we had just been talking about them earlier and they had mentioned how they had one in their mailbox every now and then, but had yet to find one in the house. Anyway, so I casually said "Um, I think I just found one of those spiders." Abby freaked out and Brandon just grabbed the back of the rolling chair Megan was sitting on and pulled her towards him. So, he tried to kill it with a broom, but it just got away under the drawers, so they pulled one out, not there, another one, and there it was against the back of the dresser. So they got a cup and gathered it up (it lost a few legs in the process) and he put it out in the very far corner of their back yard. During all of this Abby had gone to her room, and I followed shortly after when I realized Brandon was going to have to bring it in my direction to go outside with it. :P The funniest part, when Abby saw it, she was on her laptop on Facebook and wrote "we are having an encounter with a huntsman, sick sick sick sick sick. . . " and so on. :P Anyway, we were joking about how they just needed me to come over every now and then to find out where the spiders were. :P So, anyway, other than all of that, the biggest news for me is that Loretta, Anne and I are all leaving on Friday to Tassie (Tasmania)! Loretta and I are taking the train to Melbourne Thursday and spending the night with Anne. I will tell you all about the trip when I get back. :)

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