Sunday, March 30, 2008

Rotten potatoes

So, here I am sitting in the dining room (you heard me) dining room (the internet came back on all of a sudden!!!!) eating and writing to you. I am sort of holding my breath, I don't really know what happened, but two things are certain, I am not getting internet from Heath, cause he's not home yet, and if this is the neighbor's, they haven't put a password on. That still leaves one question, where did it go? Anyway, I just hope it stays back. Over here they mostly charge your internet based on dowloads (how much you download in a month...) I don't download much, so if I just keep that to a minimum, I won't feel bad about using this, cause otherwise, it doesn't matter how long you're on. So, about the rotten potatoes, I found that the bag of potatoes that I bought a while ago were growing... gook. So, I decided to do something with them, I threw the really bad ones out, and made the rest into a very glumpy batch of hash browns. I've never made hash browns before, and I actually wasn't planning on making hash browns, I just saw the shredder and said to myself "I'll use that instead of just cutting them into pieces," it actually didn't dawn on me until I had been shredding for a minute or so that I was making hash browns. That might sound boring, but I thought it was kind of funny. :P

I am very excited that the internet decided to work cause I have felt really cut off from everyone not being able to use Skype ( I know this must sound really funny to those of you who grew up in the letter days... like most people, even I think it sounds kind of funny, I'm very lucky to be able to talk to people all of the time!). I've been feeling really lonely the past few days (it doesn't help that I have not essentially nothing), but it's really made me realize even more that I need to work on making more friends, especially Australian ones. :) I think this hash brown concoction is growing on me, which is good cause there's a lot left. :P I think I should add that I added green pepper, onion, and cheese, and the potatoes are very stuck together. :P So, when I was on the bus today I got to talking to the driver and he asked me what I was doing and all that good stuff. Well, when I went to get off of the bus he told me that he raised horses, and race horses, and told me that if I ever was really bored on weekends or anything and wanted to come and see them or ride any of them that I could give him a call (he made sure to add this was not a pick up :P). He also said that he could help me get down to the Werribee zoo if I decided I wanted to go down there and volunteer or something (I think I will try that on my own, but it was very nice of him to offer). He seems like a really nice guy, and even though it might seem a bit creepy, I didn't get that impression at all. He told me he was an exchange student in London and he knew what it was like to be stuck bored in your room and that he didn't want me doing that, which I have been doing a lot of (no transportation will do that to a person). I also mentioned about possibly getting a car and all of that, he said I should sell my car in the US and buy one here. I half don't like that idea cause I've had that car for a while and Dad has done a lot to it, but I will have to talk with him about it cause I don't actually know when I will actually use it again.

And I guess the last little bit of news is that it's turning into fall weather now, long pants and a light jacket are good to have on now.

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