Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tassie day 3

The next day I got up early and took a shower borrowing someone's shampoo cause I didn't bring any (mine was too big to fit in my bag so I thought I could buy a small one, but hadn't had the chance yet). We then ate breakfast, and Kharni had bunny ears on and 2 bowls of little chocolate Easter eggs. :P The chocolate didn't turn out to be of very high quality, but hey, it was Easter, we weren't picky. We then packed up, and went down to see the Bicheno blow hole. There was this bit of rock on the coast that when the waves wash up into it, they shoot between the rocks creating a blow hole, it was neat. The Dutch couple also saw some penguins, we only saw the yellow penguin yield sign. :) We then drove to the Freycinet National Park and went on a hike to take a look at Wineglass Bay. There were 3 choices, we could walk to the lookout point and come back, walk to the lookout point then continue down to the beach and back, or hike up Mt. Amos and get a really good view of the bay. I thought it would be neat to do the hike, but I didn't feel like exerting myself that much, but the walk I took was intense enough. :) Loretta, Rachel (from near Nottingham) and I all kind of walked together for part of the way. We made it to the lookout, it was gorgeous! Then we continued down to the beach. The water was FREEZING but Loretta and some of the Germans went in, kudos to them. After sitting for a bit on the sand (by the way, the sand on the East coast of Tassie squeaks because of all of the silica in it, I like it, Anne hated it!). We then headed back up because we had to be back by 12:30. We then went to eat lunch, and the beach there was also beautiful! We had yummy chicken wraps, then we were off again. Oh, by the way, just in case you were wondering, and I just remembered to mention it, Tassie is about the size of Virginia. Anyway, I also forgot to mention that we passed the bunny ears around all day and everyone had to shape them a little differently, Matt (from S. London) had them on during his hike to the top of Mt. Amos. :P I felt a bit bad for our guide, Khani, cause he had to go up to Mt. Amos (for other's safety reasons)and he was getting sick, he had a bit of a hard time playing the didgeridoo for us the night before, but it was still awesome, I couldn't tell he was sick! We then had a bit of a drive down to Port Arthur, but we got to stop and have a bit of a walk in the rain forest on the way, where we saw a huge bridge made out of huge really old trees. When we got into Port Arthur Kharni told us the story of how in 1996 a guy went around and killed a total of 36 people (in different places) and how it was a real sore spot for people. He made sure to tell us not to mention it because many people were of course still emotionally wounded from that. The man ended up getting 36 life sentences, and is currently in prison in Hobart. It was the largest massacre by a single person ever; apparently he will ask the guards if he still holds the record, but they are given specific instructions to ignore him. Anyway, so we got unpacked and ate dinner quick before those of us going to do the ghost tour around the old prison area of Port Arthur left. I went on that, it was a lot of fun, I do not believe in ghosts per se, but I don't completely not believe, I would have to see something myself before I believed it(which I realize is a bit hippo critical because I am a Christian and believe in God without proof ... faith). ;P I am glad I went on that, it was heaps of fun, and I did get a bit creeped out a few times. On our way back to where we were staying (it was in walking distance) we say a bush tailed possum, that was neat. :) We also saw some patty melon's that night too (wallabys).

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