Saturday, March 8, 2008

1st week of school

Hey all, so I am still getting the picture situation figured out, hopefully soon you will all be able to see my plethora of pics. :) So, the first week of school was pretty good. I got free lunch on Wednesday. :) I think I am really going to enjoy my Physiology class, I don't think I'll enjoy Animal Biology, even to the point that I think I will drop it. All it deals with is very small organisms (like protozoan and such) and the largest thing we will go over is crustaceans and animals of that sort. I had a lot of that sort of biology in high school, and it was the stuff I was least interested in. I thought it would have a little more to do with larger animals than that. Anyway, I'm still figuring out if I'm going to drop it, or if I can. Australia Today I think will also be a really fun class, the prof is pretty neat too. There are like 7 Norwegians in the class too, so it was neat to be able to talk to them a little bit in norsk. :P I've met a few more random people here and there, one girl I met in my Animal Biology class knows Sachi (the girl I live with), that was a coincidence. So, I just have one class on Friday and it's at 8 AM, so I have the rest of the day. I took the chance to print off a bunch of resumés and going around to different places and giving them out. Hopefully I get some bites from that. One of Sam's (other room mate) friends told me he knew the owner of Muffin Break and that's one place I put in a resumé, I told him to put in a good word for me, don't know if he will or not, but I hope so. :P Also, Sachi told me that she heard of another place on campus that was hiring, so on Monday I will go and put one in to them too. I really hope I get something, I am pretty depleted of money at this point. So, yesterday (Saturday) was pretty boring, but it was funny, at the end of the day Sam had 3 friends over and they were doing some pre-drinking before going out. Then they were like "how are we going to go out, who's driving?" They wanted to go to a Casino in Melbourne, I told them I could drive them. I made sure they knew that it was my first time driving on the opposite side, but that I had been driving for longer than any of them (they start at 18). Sam has an automatic (I wasn't going to if it were manual) and so I drove them to Melbourne! Sachi came too, she only started drinking a bit after she made sure that I was ok driving (she could take over if I didn't feel safe), but I was good, it was almost entirely highway anyway. It was really good though, on the way back home it even started to feel more natural. The weirdest thing about it wasn't the other side of the road, it was I kept turning on the windshield wipers to signal (cause their signals are next to the window too, but of course that's on the other side for us), and looking in the mirrors was strange because the angle was different. Also, I kept drifting to the left in the lane so I had to pay attention to where I was in the lane. So, those are the things that were the most different. I felt ok driving though because I have gotten pretty used to it since I've been here, and even ride my bike a bit on the road. Anyway, the boys lost most of the money they put in to gamble, but won a little bit. :P Sachi hadn't had anything to eat and so even though she just had some wine, she got pretty drunk, but it was funny and entertaining to have her there. We talked all night, it was fun. So, anyway, today I have to do some homework, but other than that I have just been reading "The DeVinci Code" and am close to finished; I read a bunch of it yesterday. Well, wish me luck in finding a good job!

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