Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tassie day 5 &6

We met another American girl from the Waurn ponds campus at the hostel, but we just talked a bit. Anne, Loretta and I were going to go get some breakfast when we invited Talene (other American from our tour) and we went to a store and chipped in for yogurt (or yoghourt as they spell it here), muesli, and some fruits. It was yummy, Talene and I split a mango. :) We then went back to the hostel and parted ways, her and the other American girl from the trip were going to go climb Mt. Wellington (the mountain next to Hobart) and we were going to go to the museum. The museum was really nice and fun, but my feet were ready to be done! We also wondered around the town a bit. We saw some of the others from our trip one last time that night, said goodbye and went to bed. The next morning we got up early, checked out, put our stuff in day storage and then we went for a hike on Mt. Wellington. We had to catch a 2:55 flight to Melbourne, so we kept a close watch on the time. We took a bus up the mountain to where the walkways started, then climbed up. It really was beautiful, but they don't have things marked very well up there. On our way back down we stopped at a little cave and had peanut butter and apples, yumm! It had started raining, and it just kept getting harder. We didn't know it was going to rain that day so we weren't prepared. When we got down we had realized we had taken a wrong turn at some point and so had to walk down the road in pouring rain. We weren't sure exactly where we were and so we stopped at a house to ask where the nearest bus stop was (we needed to make the 11:50 bus). The guy that came to the door was really nice and helped us out, he kept saying "oh you poor buggars." It was raining hard! So we walked down and found a bus stop (it was neat, it was made out of rocks and had couches and tables and some books inside!) but then realized it wasn't the right one and went down to the next one. We ended up catching it, which was REALLY good. When we got back Anne got a muffin and I went into the book store, we then caught the airport shuttle (which cost $16 each!!) I was mad at the cost, but what else could we do? Our flight was delayed almost an hour, but it was nice just sitting there relaxing. We made it back to Melbourne, and then found out that the only way to get anywhere (we needed to go to the Southern Cross Train Station) was by shuttle bus ($16 each! :S ) or the taxi, which, for three people, was $2 cheaper. So we took a taxi, again mad at how much one has to pay for transport from airports when you can take a train from Melbourne to Geelong for $3! Anne went her way and Loretta and I got on a train to Geelong. We then walked right to the bus station (in town) that you catch to go to Waurn Ponds, and we saw it leave, when we made it over to the stop, it said 7:35 and I looked at my watch and it said 7:35, we had missed it by less than 1 minute! So, we had to wait for the 8:40 bus. It took us back to Deakin, but I thought it would go to Monterey Drive (my street) cause it usually does, but the driver said they stopped that one 30 min ago (which I would have made if we made the other bus), but he was worried about my and didn't want me to walk home, so he said "I really shouldn't be doing this, but I have 7 minutes until I am scheduled to leave here." So he drove me (quite quickly I might add) to my street. God bless him!! Then I get home to find my internet no longer works, and I am really out of money, and I have no way to get to my job interview in Ocean Grove the next day (today) and so I am a bit down in the dumps. Hopefully it won't last long. :S

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