Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tassie day 2

So, the next morning we had to get up early and walk for 30 min to the YHA where we were getting picked up, the driver thought it weird that they had told us we couldn't get picked up from our hostel, but oh well. There were already 12 people on the bus who were doing the 6 day tour, two young German couples, a Scottish couple in probably their 60's (who were living in Adelaide for a few years), a Japanese mom with her two (probably in their late teens/early 20's)daughters, another Japanese girl, a British 33 year old girl from near Nottingham, and a 24ish year old British boy from South London, and of course the driver, Kharni (probably in his 40's). We had to drive to the Spirit of Tasmania dock and pick up two American girls who had done the overnight boat trip (both my age and who are going to school in Melbourne). Then we drove to Launceston and pick up two more German girls (in their 30's, both lived in Melbourne). We also picked up an older Dutch couple (in their 80's?). So, there were a good range of ages, which was kind of nice. :) Kharni was really nice and fun, and funny. We stopped at Scottsdale, where we saw some huge oaks that were carved into figures as monuments to 7 men who had fallen from there in WWII. The trees were the monuments, but then they got too big and posed a danger so were carved. It was really neat. We ate at a little park, it was nice to walk around and we even saw some little wallabys! We then stopped at a place to see the second largest waterfall on Tassie, it was a beautiful little walk and they waterfall was very nice as well. The only bad thing was that was when my camera decided to stop working properly. I noticed that when I would turn it a certain way a black thing would cover half of the screen, well, now the screen is totally black and only takes black pictures. So, it still works, but there is something loose inside that is over the lens, so I need to get that fixed. But for this trip I relied on everyone else to take pictures. We then went to the Bay of Fires, near St. Helens. The beaches here were voted the 2nd most beautiful beaches in the world by a travel magazine, and I agreed. I can't wait to go back there. The best thing about Tasmanian beaches, other than the fact that they are beautiful, is that there is hardly anyone on them! Tassie only has a population of about 400,000, and half of those live in Hobart. We stayed the night in Bicheno, we all chipped in to help for dinner (we did every day, lunch and breakfast too), then some people went out to go see the little fairy penguins. I almost did, but it was $20 and I was told you can go see them for free on the beaches in Melbourne, so I will see penguins later. :) Instead I stayed back with the others who weren't going and talked, played Uno and had a great time.

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