Friday, February 8, 2008


So I have been having a good time in ballarat with Christine and Ash. The first day I was with them, while they went to work I stayed home, talked to Dad and David (and the gang) on Skype and watched movies. It was nice to just relax. The next day (Thursday) I went into the city when Christine and Ash went to work. Christine works in town, so I just walked around that area, I got some essentials and looked in some shops. It was a good day, it started to get pretty chilly later on though. So, February is supposed to be the hottest month here, but it's been quite chilly recently, so I haven't had a whole lot of summer weather! ;P The next day (Friday) I took the bus into Geelong and the university took me around to see the different places they had found for me to live in. The first place was nice, with this Malaysian lady, I wouldn't have minded living there, but it just felt like if I lived there I wouldn't get out as much and stuff. The second place was really nice and the lady there was really nice. I would have liked to live with her, but she had a kid and I didn't think I would like living with a child, especially if I have to do homework and stuff. There was another guy living there (like 30 some years old) but I didn't meet him. The third place was an apartment of a 30 some year old guy and he wasn't there but his mom was. I just was not comfortable living alone with a 30 some year old guy whom I have never met. So that one was out right away (plus it smelled like smoke in there). The fourth one is the one I ended up picking, there were two guys living there ( I think in their mid to late 20's). One of them, Heath, the owner, was on the Australian version of Big Brother in like 2003. He is the owner of two electrical companies (and according to my driver, Moe, is really well off). They have a big screen plasma TV and a fish tank that they are getting tropical fish put in. I don't know how I will get along with them, I hope well, but I was much relieved to hear that there is another girl moving in as well. He's going to furnish my room, but apparently it won't be finished for about two weeks, so I don't know exactly when I will move in yet. Christine and Ash are going down to Port Fairy this next weekend with Christine's parents and their friends. I might go with them, I will have to see, but it would be nice. It's past Warnambool on the coast. Christine's mum has been really nice and has said that if I need anything at all to just ask and they might be able to let me borrow whatever, she has also said that if she's free she would be up to driving me places; very nice of her. I will write some more a little later and post some pictures of the pond areas on the Deakin campus I will be on; there's some really nice walkways. So, soon Christine and I will go watch Ash do some go-carting and then we will eat at her parent's house.

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