Sunday, February 3, 2008

I have arrived

Hey all!
So, I am finally here! The plane flight went very well. I did have some problems after getting off of the plane though. I saw a guy holding a Deakin sign ( the University I am going to go to) and so I went with him. We didn't find out until we had left the airport that I was the wrong person! He was supposed to pick up a Norwegian girl (which is funny cause he mentioned that and I also happened to be a Norwegian girl, but neither of us made the connection; however, I did think it was interesting that he brought that up.) So we went back to the airport and he picked up the 2 Norwegian girls (he wasn't expecting the 2nd) and I went with the other driver (who showed up after we had left). Both of my drivers were really nice, anyway, this second guy brought me to a place in the suburbs of Melbourne. I was scheduled to go there but I didn't understand why because I am going to be going to school in Geelong! Everyone I mentioned this to thought it was also weird. So, he dropped me off at this hostel type place (nice asian lady at the desk, but very crummy looking) and we tried calling Deakin and couldn't get through on the numbers I had. So, I called my best friend Christine (who lives in Ballarat; near Geelong) and even though she was at work she called the university and they called me back on a pay phone there at the hostel. The lady didn't want me using the phones cause she wasn't sure about the calling rate cause it was long distance. Anyway, so I waited by the pay phone and kept receiving calls by various Deakin people and Christine. So a guy came a picked me up from there a little bit later and drove me to a place further into the center of Melbourne. I had to leave that hostel because if I stayed there I would have to pay for a full week, they didn't to one day stays. So I was dropped at this very nice place that has little singles (a bed, small fridge, window) and with separate showers and toilets. It's quite nice actually. I will take pictures and put them up soon. So to kill some time (cause I don't want to take a nap for fear of messing up my internal schedule for tomorrow if I do so) I walked around the block and got some yummy Thai food for either late lunch, or early dinner (haven't decided which it is yet). An then I bought an AU$8 internet card for 1 hour and am typing to you all. :) I will be picked up from here tomorrow afternoon ( and get an included breakfast) and then I will be driven to Geelong. I will let you all know how it goes from there later when I am able to get internet again. :) Oh, by the way it is quite humid and has been about 82˚F today (cooler than it has been I have heard). :)


HC said...

Hi Cassie! I'm glad you got there safely and I miss you already!

David said...

I hope you get set up alright in Geelong. I miss you.

ShayShay said...

My dear Cassie I'm glad that you are there and safe. I miss you with all my heart and part of my foot, the left one.

- ShayShay

Tigerbus said...

See any critters yet?