Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Yay for Geelong!

So, I finally got picked up and taken to Geelong! It was nice to get out of the big city, even though it was nice, I just wanted to get away from the crowds. I really like Geelong, we drove through downtown and then went to my campus in Warun Ponds. I am really glad I am going to this campus, it's really green and there are a lot of ponds around (no wonder ;P) So, I got a few things worked out, talked to the housing people (very nice) and they will find me a place to live soon. I ended up being able to go home with my best friend Christine. The university was going to put me up in the dorms, but they were going to charge me for it and this way I don't have to pay for temporary housing. Christine lives in Ballarat (about 45 minutes drive from Geelong) so the university is going to call me on her cell when they need me to come down to Geelong to look at the places they have found for me to live. Hopefully I can find a nice cheap place to live. Anyway, I am staying at Christine and Ash's (her boyfriend) house today while they are at work, tomorrow I think I will go into town with them and walk around while they are at work. :) So, I am very glad to be with a friend and that I have been around very nice, helpful people through this whole experience. They have helped my experience be a good one so far, and that helps me in the hardship of being away from David as well (something I have been really struggling with). I miss you all but am having a very good time and know that it will only get better.

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Tigerbus said...

I could use some Australia weather right about now. ><

I wonder what Geelong looks like...