Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Trip to Lorne

So, I just got back from our orientation trip to Lorne today, it was really nice. It was especially nice getting to meet people after having been bored and alone for so long. Lorne is on the Southern coast, on the Great Ocean Road, it was a really nice little place, and very beautiful! It was really hot Monday and Tuesday (it rained Wednesday while we were leaving, but hey, we were leaving). I didn't get sun burnt because I was constantly putting on sunblock (the ozone layer down here is pretty much non-existent. ;P) I did get a bit red on the face and upper back today because it was overcast, and I forgot to put on sun screen, but it's not very bad, so that's good. We got to pick out of 4 different activities, and we would be picked to go on our top 2, if it worked out. I am glad I got my top two, surfing and beach yoga. Surfing was fun, but also frustrating because I couldn't stand up on the bloody board! I did one time, with the help of one of the instructors, and when I did it was amazing, but I couldn't do it by my self. I could get to my knees, then all was lost, and then near the end I couldn't get to my knees anymore cause my arms were too tired. I had yoga after surfing, which was nice because I was exhausted and so it was relaxing. I made some friends (from Japan, Switzerland, and Virginia) and we walked around the first night, there were some nice walkways by the beach and such. We also saw a kookaburra that flew down just above our heads and landed a few feet away, they are such cute birds! I love their "laugh" too! :P The girl from Finland saw a koala on the hike she went on (hiking and playing footy were two of the other choices), I thought that was neat. On our way out of Lorne, we drove about 3 more hours down the Great Ocean Road to see the 12 Apostles, they were beautiful! I was really glad that the weather get better for when we got there, then we took the highway back (the GOR is very curvy). They gave us a lunch to have on the bus with us, I ate my fist sandwich, then my custard, then after I took a bite of my second sandwich I saw a dead spider in it!!!! That was nasty!! It was right next to where I had taken a bite!!! Needless to say, I threw the rest of it away! So now I am back and registration is tomorrow. :)

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