Thursday, February 14, 2008

Moving in

So, I moved into the house I will be living in for the year. I am not completely moved in in that there is yet to be furniture, bed, and a wall. ;P So since there was a little bit of short notice, and my landlord (who also lives here, Heath) is a very busy guy, running his own company, he has yet to supply me with furniture. I really don't mind, I understand he's busy, but he promises to get it soon. He said that we would get a bed from his parents tomorrow (I met his parents, they seem really nice). So, about the wall thing, there is one bedroom that he was letting out, but there is also a dinning room in the house that they don't use, and it looks exactly like the bedrooms except for the fact that it has no wall closing it off from the rest of the house. So Heath is having a guy come in tomorrow night and build a wall. I was originally going to get the bedroom but apparently the other girl that is moving in called first, so she gets it. I don't mind, she's not moving in until Saturday, so hopefully my room is done by then, until then I am staying in the room. As two guys have been living here for a few weeks, it isn't the cleanest place in the world. Right when I got here I started cleaning (cause no one was here, it was gross, and I was bored). I found quite a few spiders hanging about (don't worry, they were daddy long legs) which was gross, and the floor was disgusting! So, it looks much better now, in my opinion. I wanted to vacuum, but the vacuum was out in the garage and the bad was filled with glass; I learned later from Heath that someone had broken a window and they had to clean it up with the vacuum. They also have a dog, he's quite big, and he's 3 years old, a cutie though, and sweet, but of course hyper; his name is Terrorist (don't ask ;P). I will get some pictures up of the place soon, but I might want to wait until it's fully furnished, they have yet to get the couches in for the main living room (there are two). So, I caught the 6:30 am bus to Geelong where I was picked up my Mo the driver I had when I was looking for places to live. He drove me here with all of my crap and then I had to entertain myself for the rest of the day. No one was here like I said, so I had the run of the house, which didn't mean much. I talked to David for a while, then watched the movie "The American Tale" you know, with Fival (I had never seen it before) which was posted in its entirety on Youtube. Then I talked to David some more, that was nice cause today was Valentine's Day in Australia. :) Heath took me down to the gas station to air up the air mattress that Ash's parents let me borrow (they couldn't find a proper pump), and then I got some Subway cause there's no food in the house. Now I am back here typing, what an interesting day . . . in some ways. :) I'm going to be bored tomorrow!


Dawna said...

you have certainly had some noteable experiences already in the short time you have been down under! it's been fun reading of your adventures (and misadventures). This will be an exciting year for you. Lots to learn in your field. Lots to learn about yourself. Hope your wall gets up soon and you can have your permanent personal space. blessings, pd

ChiliLady said...

your blog is absolutely awesome! i really like the fact that you're a harry potter fan!