Sunday, February 24, 2008

School time

So, registration went well, I will list the classes I am taking this semester for anyone who is interested.
Principals of Physiology
Animal Biology
Australia Today
So, those are my classes, I am looking forward to starting school, which might sound really strange to you, but it'll be nice to have work to keep my mind occupied. For the most part I am looking forward to feeling like a normal person just going to school here and not a tourist. One thing I really liked about staying in Norway for a year was the feeling that I was one of them and that was my home, I can't wait to get that feeling here, it's nice. This is random, but I don't understand why my room mates (the boys) will turn on one TV in one room, then a little later leave and turn on the other TV in the other room (without turning the previous one off) and it's even on the same channel most of the time! Then they will leave the house and both TVs are left on! Really, explain this to me please! Anyway, so I'm all set up for classes, and "O week" (orientation week) or "week zero" as they have recently changed the name to starts tomorrow (Monday). This weekend I went to the Pako festival (short for Pakington Street Festival), which is an international festival, it was nice, but it was more of a hassel to get back than I ever anticipated. I had to stop at the train station to get my concession card (gets you cheaper pretty much everything) and then I couldn't find a bus back to Warun Ponds. I finally just decided to suck it up and take a taxi, it cost be 20 bloody dollars, but I got home finally! I don't know if it was all worth it or not! We went on a little trip around the Bellarine coast today, that was nice, we saw some kangaroos on a golf course! :P And, I had fish and chips for the first time over here. :) So, anyway, I should finish doing the dishes and go to bed. Night!

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